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I grew up in Georgia on a farm so I was always around all types of animals

and loved taking care of them. I knew very early that I wanted to do

something with animals when I grew up. Now here I am in beautiful

Navarre, FL. since 1994, I am married no kids (yet) other then my 4 dogs and

1 cat. I am currently working at Navarre Animal Hospital as a Vet

Tech since March 2004 and started pet sitting September 2004 . I have met a lot

of wonderful people and animals between the two and hope to continue

meeting new people every day. Having pets myself that I love very much I

know how hard it can be to plan to go somewhere that you can’t take your

pets with you and you have to try to figure out what you are going to do

with them only to worry about them the whole time you are gone. 

I know some options include letting them stay at your local

boarding facility or vet office, and the only down side to that is they are in

cages all day long in a strange place with a lot of other dogs barking and

sometimes can be very stressful. My hope is after visiting my website you

can feel a little more comfortable knowing there is someone out there you

can trust to take special care of your loved ones while you are away and

let them stay in their home with surroundings they are used to. 



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                       (850) 485-7490           




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Crystal  Simmons
Navarre,  FL  32566 

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